On Saturday 13th August knights from the Divisions of Cumbria, North & East Lancashire and West Lancashire met at Queen Elizabeth Grammar School in Kirkby Lonsdale for the first tripartite meeting to be held between the three Divisions.
As we gathered for tea and coffee before the meeting it became obvious that the meeting, organised by Joe Sudhakar (Deputy Intendant General of Cumbria), would be well supported.  It was a delight to meet old and new friends from all three Divisions.  Past Intendant-Generals from all three Divisions were present  -  R.Ill.Kt. Brian Fairhurst G.C.C. ; R.Ill.Kt. Colin Williams K.C.C. ; R. Ill. Kt. Norman Thompson.
We then moved into the school hall for the meeting.
Order of the Holy Sepulchre and of St. John the Evangalist
Each of the three points was led by a member from each Division:-
First Point: V.Ill. Kt. Paul Hunter Deputy Intendant-General of North & East Lancashire (also a member of Croston Conclave)
Second Point: Ill. Kt. Neil Cooper Divisional Recorder of West Lancashire
Third Point: Ill. Kt. Joseph Sudhakar Deputy Intendant-General of Cumbria
After three very good ceremonies and excellent teamwork between the three Divisions we left the school hall whilst the dining tables were set up.  An enjoyable summer lunch then followed (our thanks to the catering staff).  The toasts were kept to a minimum and R.Ili.Kt. Keith Beaumont Intendant-General Cumbria responded.
Over lunch it was agreed that future meetings should be biennial with North & East Lancashire hosting the meeting in 2018 and West Lancashire in 2020.
We left in good heart after a rewarding day of Red Cross Masonry.
P.S. The following weekend Kirkby Lonsdale was flooded by the heavy rain
- we wish the residents well.
From our Westmorland Correspondent