Divisional Conclave
On Saturday 3rd September 106 worthy knights from West Lancashire and 45 distinguished guests assembled at Leyland Masonic Hall for the 2016 Divisional Meeting.
The Intendant-General re-appointed V.Ill.Kt Fred Hargreaves as his Deputy.
The Intendant-General then appointed P.Kt. Iain Brown as Divisional Eusebious together with the other Divisional Officers.
An excellent lunch, provided by Wellington Park, was then enjoyed by all the knights.
Both the meeting and the lunch were enlivened by the Jolly Boys outing from Agnus Dei Conclave who are also planning to bring another charabanc to the 2017 meeting.
Report by Michael Robert Walker, Intendant General,
Photograph courtesy of Geoffrey R Gill Div. Marshal