Westhoughton Conclave 254 Proclamation and Consecration Ceremony
21st May 2015
The current MPS, Ill. Kt. Mark Stephen Gregory, who had kindly agreed to help Westhoughton Conclave by remaining in Office for a second consecutive year, was proclaimed as Sovereign in short but meaningful ceremony. The W. Kts. salutations to Steve following his being enthroned raised the roof, reflecting the esteem of those present.
Ill. Kt John Roberts congratulates the MPS for remaining in Office for a second year.
The MPS, Viceroy and Divisional Eusebius are joined by Rt. Ill. Kt. Ken Shaw KCC
(Past Int General and on extreme right) and V. Ill. Kt. Geoffrey Porter PGHCh (Past Dep Int General on extreme left).
The Proclamation Ceremony was followed by the full Consecration of the Viceroy Elect, W. Kt. Thomas Crompton. The ceremonial at the start being conducted by Ill. Kt. Malcolm Keeling and the inner workings by the MPS, Ill. Kt. Steve. Both Steve and Malcolm ensured that W. Kt. Tom was consecrated in an exemplary way.
Some of the other W. Kts. present insisted on adding their best wishes to the MPS and Viceroy
(and getting on a photo :-) ).
Ill. Kt. John David Roberts, PGWofR and Divisional Eusebius, represented the Rt. Ill Intendant General on this occasion, and, following the conclusion of the ceremonial, warmly congratulated the MPS and Viceroy together with all the Officers invested. He also thanked those involved in conducting the ceremonies for a wonderful evening of Red Cross Masonry. 
On conclusion of the ceremonial, the W. Kts. retired to enjoy a delightful festive board which included a raffle for a "virtual" bottle of whiskey which had been promised by the MPS but not quite in evidence at that point.
The raffle was conducted in a very speedy manner by a regular visitor to the Conclave, P. Kt.  Peter Hegarty, who raised £100 in what seemed about 20 seconds!!! The money raised was to be donated to the Grand Sovereign's favoured Children's Charity.
A further good deed was in evidence in that the winner of the raffle, Ill Kt John Roberts, handed back the "virtual" bottle of whiskey to the Conclave (if that's possible?) for future fund raising, and which received spontaneous applause.
At the end of the night the W. Kts. dispersed with a feeling of a job well done, having enjoyed a great evening amongst friends.
Photos by George Seddon and storyline by Raymond Pye.