Divisions Newest Member arrives at Warrington Conclave No 206
It was quite a busy meeting, on Wednesday 18th November, as Warrington Conclave welcomed the newest Member of the West Lancashire Division when it balloted for W Kt Raymond Glyn Whitticombe as a Joining Member of the Conclave. W Kt Whitticombe had previously been a Member of the Chester Conclave No 174, in the Cheshire Division. He was welcomed to the Conclave by the Most Puissant Sovereign, P Kt Chris Gleave, and, as the Divisions Newest Member by the Divisional Eusebius, P Kt Edwin Schofield, on behalf of the Intendant General, Right Illustrious Knight Michael Robert Walker.
The M P S presented a Red Cross Certificate to W Kt David Barrington, which was explained and illuminated on by P Kt Mike Hamilton, Assistant Divisional Recorder. He then presented a K H S Certificate to W Kt John A Starkey.
The Conclave then balloted to make its Senior and revered Member an Honoury Member.
V Ill Kt Frank Austin Starkey P G H Chan, has been a member of the Warrington Conclave for longer than anyone present could remember. He was Sovereign of the Conclave in 1983 and he had been the Conclave Recorder for some 23 years until he retired quite recently. Frank had given service to the Division of West Lancashire also. Getting to the Conclave has become quite difficult in recent times for Frank, but all wish him well.
Then the Conclave was treated to one of those Lectures by P Kt Alan Blackstone, Div Std B (C), entitled "Whence come you", based on the Holy Royal Arch origins, qualifying degree for Red Cross Masonry.
In all a full evening, followed by a Social board, which certainly "filled a corner", which was topped off by a very convivial atmosphere, certainly made for and easy and enjoyable evening for everyone attending.
Article and Photographs Courtesy of Edwin Schofield, Recorder.