Team Visit to Swinton Conclave No 355
The Members of Swinton Conclave were pleased and honoured to receive the Right Illustrious Intendant General, Michael Robert Walker and his Divisional team at Swinton Masonic Hall this evening, Monday 8th June 2015.
Ill Kt J R Winstanley, Ill Kt N Cooper, V Ill Kt F E Hargreaves, Rt Ill Kt M R Walker,
P Kt R C A Wight, Ill Kt G E Williams, E Kt J E Green
Ill Kt Jeffery R Winstanley being the main attraction delivering two short papers entitled “A Perspective on the Historical Founders of the Order of the Red Cross of Constantine and the Orders of the Holy Sepulchre and St John the Evangelist, a, Eusebius, Bishop of Caesarea AD 260-265 to AD 339-340b, and Flavia Iulia Helena Augusta C 250 AD to C 330 AD”
The Most Puissant Sovereign, P Kt Raymond C A Wight, thanked Ill Kt Winstanley for his interesting and informative papers to the acclaim of all present.
Rt Kt M R Walker and P Kt R C A Wight
Before the Intendant General retired with the Team the Most Puissant Sovereign, presented a cheque to him to the value of £1000.00p to go to help towards the Divisions donation to the Grand Sovereigns 150th year Appeal for His "Care of Children Fund". The Intendant General thanked P Kt Wight and the Members of the Conclave for the magnificent donation. 
P Kt Edwin Schofield, Div Sen Gen, presented Cheques, on behalf of The St George's Conclave No 42 for £500.00p and the Sovereigns Unity Conclave No 406 for £200.00p.    
Ill Kt F E Hargreaves, Rt Ill Kt M R Walker, Ill Kt G E Williams, P Kt R C A Wight
After the meeting the Conclave entertain the Divisional Team and the Sepulchre Guard to a Dinner in the usual Swinton Manner. This being the last Team Visit of the year, and the last for the Divisional Marshal, Ill Kt Graham E Williams, P G Chamb. The Intendant General thanked Graham for his attendance on him whilst he had been in Office and also the work done for his predecessor.  
Article and Photographs Courtesy of Edwin Schofield.