New Sovereign for Swinton Conclave No 355.
The Divisional Recorder Ill Kt Neil Cooper, P G W of Reg. was treated to a delight at Swinton Conclave Enthronement meeting on Monday, 26th October 2015, when he had the honour of Representing the Intendant General, Rt Ill Kt Michael Robert Walker.

P. Kt. Ray Wight Congratulating P. Kt. John Green, P. Kt. Bill Bruce looking on.

P Kt Ray Wight, the Most Puissant Sovereign, Enthroned his successor E Kt John Green in an absolutely delightful manner. Ray, looking cool, went about his work with that calm unruffled way the Members of the Conclave have come to expect, and he certainly raised the bar this evening.

The new M.P.S. P.Kt J. E. Green  and the New E.V.P. Kt. W. J. Bruce.

"Rays work was excellent" stated the Divisional Recorder at the Festive Board afterwards going on to say "how much he had enjoyed his visit, and Rays work in particular". He also wished John, and the members of the Conclave, well for the coming year.

Ill. Kt. Neil Cooper Div Rec congratulating P. Kt. John Green,

P. Kt. Bill Bruce and Ray Wight looking on
E Kt John Green, Eusebius of the Conclave, had the pleasure of installing in a shortened ceremony, none the less pleasurable, the Divisional Junior General, P Kt Bill Bruce, to succeed him in the seat of Eusebius.  
Photographs by W Kt Rodger Bowden, article by P Kt Edwin Schofield Div Eus.