St Helena and Prescot Conclaves in Harmony
As part of a longstanding tradition, St Helena 378 hosted a KHS Ceremony on Friday 8th May 2015, for W.Kt. Adrian Cowley, by the kind permission of Prescot Conclave 291of which Adrian is a member.
The V.Ill. Deputy Intendant General, Fred Hargreaves warmly
congratulates the candidate, W.Kt Adrian Cowley following the KHS Ceremony.
Visiting W.Kts were impressed with the way that Adrian
conducted himself throughout the Ceremonial.
Members of both St Helena and Prescot Conclave took part, with the 1st Point being conducted by P.Kt. Ron Pearson (MPS of St Helena); the 2nd Point by P.Kt Brian Honey of St Helena Conclave; and 3rd Point by V.Ill.Kt. Ralph Dumbell of Prescot Conclave and former member of St Helena. The presence of the Sepulchre Guard added that special touch to this profound and delightful KHS ceremonial which never fails to impress.
Members of the Sepulchre Guard were pleased to add their support
to the candidate and Deputy Intendant General.
The MPS, Ron Pearson, and supporting cast who conducted the Ceremonial
join with the Deputy Intendant General in wishing Adrian
many happy years in the Red Cross Order.
The ceremonies were enjoyed by all present and the proceedings were enhanced by the presence of V.Ill.Kt. Fredrick Ernest Hargreaves, the Deputy Intendant General of the Division of West Lancashire.
Pictures by David Hickman and story line by Raymond Pye.