The St George's Conclave No 42 - Enthronement Meeting
The St George's Conclave No 42 had the pleasure of the company of the Divisional Eusebius, Ill Kt David John Roberts, P G W of Reg, representing the Rt Illustrious Intendant General, at its Enthronement meeting on Tuesday, 2nd June 2015.
The most Puissant Sovereign, P Kt David J Norris, conducted a very friendly and warm ceremony in command of the Enthronement ritual whilst enthroning his successor, now P Kt Geoffrey Catterall.
P Kt G Catterall, Ill Kt J D Roberts, E Kt I Haslam, P Kt D J Norris, V Ill Kt M I Bell
E Kt Ivan Haslam was Consecrated Eusebius of the Conclave in an excellent manner by E Kt Catterall prior to himself being Enthroned as Sovereign.
At the conclusion of the Ceremonies, the Divisional Eusebius thanked both P Kt Norris and E Kt Catterall for their work, stating how much he had enjoyed it, as must all the other Worthy Knights present. He congratulated P Kt Catterall on attaining the Sovereigns Chair and E Kt Haslam for being consecrated Viceroy of this very old Conclave and he hoped they, along with the Officers of the Conclave, would have a happy year.
P Kt G Catterall, Ill Kt J D Roberts, E Kt I Haslam
The M P S thanked Ill Kt Roberts for his comments and presented, on behalf of the Conclave, a cheque for £500.00p, to go to the Division of West Lancashire, towards the Cheque to be presented by the Division, to the Grand Sovereign, for his "Care of Children Appeal" which is running in conjunction with the Celebration Service and Luncheon of 150 years of Red Cross Masonry to be held at Lincoln Cathedral, and afterwards at Lincoln County Showground in September.   
Article and Photographs Courtesy of Edwin Schofield, Recorder.