Intendant General Enthroned as Sovereign
Rt Ill Kt Michael Robert Walker, Intendant General for West Lancashire, was today, 6th June 2015, Enthroned as Sovereign of the prestigious Sovereigns Unity Conclave No 406.
In a shortened but no less lovely ceremony conducted by Ill Kt Arthur Jolley, P G Pref. Michael thanked Arthur for the way he had been placed in the Sovereigns Chair and the Members in general for their support.
Michael R Walker and Arthur Jolley
The Sovereigns Unity Conclave is a conclave as the name suggests is for Past Sovereigns and is recognised as such by Grand Imperial Conclave, and as such benefits from the reduced fees charged by G I C.
It is open to any Puissant Knight to join once he has been Enthroned. It meet just twice a year at Leyland in June and December unless the Most Puissant sovereign wishes to meet at another venue in December.
It was set up as a "service Conclave" for the Division of West Lancashire and used to run the Divisional Ladies Festival, the Divisional Meeting and did KHS Ceremonies for all the Conclaves of the Division.
Arthur Jolley congratulating Michael R Walker
The latter will come back in to play in December, when at that meeting, Sovereigns Unity Conclave, will again host a KHS Ceremony. Conclaves will be invited to send Worthy Knights to this meeting to receive their K H S degree, should they so wish to do so.
Whilst there are a number of Worthy Knights within Sovereigns Unity who are proficient in delivering the various component parts of the Ceremony, if any Worthy Knight within the Division would like to volunteer to assist, member of the conclave or not,  their assistance would be most welcome. The Recorder is in the process of compiling a list of such volunteers, but it will not be a closed list, please give it some thought.

In due course every Conclave in the Division will be receiving full details via their Recorder.

Article and Photographs Courtesy of Edwin Schofield, Recorder.