Array of Talent at Sovereign's Unity Conclave No 406 December Meeting

What started out as a remark made by me as Recorder when doing the Annual Report for the Conclave. "This Conclave appears to need a purpose" this obviously got grey matter running, because a little while after the then Divisional Recorder, our Deputy Intendant General, V Ill Kt Fred Hargreaves, asked me what I thought about the Conclave hosting a KHS, I readily agreed and put it to the Members at our AGM.

They thought it was a good idea, and could it be at our December Meeting, the answer was yes. But, hang on, we have no team, there is not enough of us to conduct this ceremony, I replied, that they did not need to worry about that, I thought that Fred had a plan.
W Kt James Tang, The Intendant General and W Kt David Berrington
Well that plan of Fred's came to fruition, last night Friday, 4th December. In a first class ceremony Worthy Knight James Tang of Lancastrian Conclave No 164 and David Berrington of the Warrington Conclave No 206 received their Appendant Orders in great style. "The Team", Member from a variety of Conclave across the Division, worked a ceremony that impressed the Candidates and everyone watching. Yes, everyone, there were 41 Worthy Knights at the meeting, again from all across the Division, so on to the ceremony.
But first the Conclave had some of it's own business to conduct, the Consecration of Ill Kt N E Williams as Viceroy, who unfortunately was not able to attend the Enthronement Meeting in June. This was done by our Marshal, Ill Kt G E Williams, with Graham's usual polished performance.
Anyway back to the reason so many Knights came together, the KHS Ceremony, the First Point was done in a superb manner by Ill Kt Raymond Howarth, of the Hesketh Conclave No 309, Assisted by Ill Kt Geoff Gill, of the Lancastrian Conclave No 164, P Kt Jack Gore, of the Agnus Dei Conclave No 220, Ill Kt Brian Ball, and Ill Kt Neil Brown, both of the Croston Conclave No 362, Ill Kt Frank Cook again a Croston Conclave Member,  looking after the candidate in his inimitable manner, throughout the Ceremony, with P Kts David Norris and Brian Bawden, both Member of our own Conclave.
The Second Point conducted by Ill Kt Gordon Kay of the Agnus Dei Conclave No 220 was equally superb. He was ably assisted by Ill Kt Geoff Gill again, P Kt Bill Bruce, of both the Swinton Conclave No 355 and the St Georges Conclave No 42.  Ill Kt Stephen Gregory, of the Westhoughton Conclave No 254, P Kt Jack Gore and again Ill Kt Brian Ball.  
Our M P S Thanking every one
The Third Point was conducted by that well known Red Cross Mason, who has over many years, made the Third Point his very own, V Ill Kt Rory Crowder a member of Both Agnus Dei No 220 and the Croston Conclave No 362 as well as many others in of the Lancashire Divisions, was on excellent form. He of course was assisted by some of the above mentioned.
The Sepulchre Guard, 10 of them led by Ill Kt Bobbie Cliffe, draw from Conclaves across the Division, were an impressive sight at the points of Ceremonial were they were engaged. Of course there were one or two other participants, Ill Kts Graham Williams and Ray Pye both of the St Helena Conclave No 378, acted a Marshals, P Kt Iain Brown another Agnus Dei No 220 member, Ill Kt Eddie Casey another of our members and one unsuspecting Knight of the Warrington Conclave No 206, P Kt Mike Hamilton arrived expecting to have a leisurely evening watching got "roped in" to fill an office where someone fell out at the last minute.
"The Team" was truly drawn from across the Division, and I dare bet, that they all went home feeling that it "was a job well done".
A nice Dinner, with 36 of he Worthy Knight, followed with both our Most Puissant Sovereign, Rt Ill Knight Michael Robert Walker, Intendant General, and the Deputy Intendant General, V Ill Knight Frederick Ernest Hargreaves, P G H Chan, thanking all concern in the Ceremonies for the tremendous efforts they had made to make the evening an "enormous success", and those that came to observe for their support.
And Fred, I should imaging went home elated that his hard work in planning the evening had culminated in what can only be described as "a great feast" of Red Cross Masonry for the Division.
Report by P Kt Edwin Schofield, Div Eusebius, Recorder. He also took the poor quality Photographs on his "very old Mobile" because he had left his Camera at home.