Defibrillator Presentation at Park Hall Hotel
It has been the object of the West Lancashire Mark Province, to ensure that a defibrillator is available in every Masonic Hall and meeting place in the Province. Our recently retired P.Prov.G.M., RW. Bro Peter Connolly presented the 23rd Defibrillator to Simon Doughty the Operations Director of the Lavender Hotel Group. The owners of the Park Hall Hotel. Supporting Peter were V.W. Bro Michael Clarke P.G.J.O.  Asst. P. G. M.  Chairman of West Lancashire Mark Charities and V. W. Bro Stuart Cowburn P.G.J.O. Leader of the Ionic Charity Group. Now you may ask why were we giving a Defibrillator to a Hotel. Well the answer is quite simple.
W. Bro. Neil Brown Pr.A.G.D.C. David Martin (Hotel Mang.)
RW. Bro. P. Connolly Past Prov. G.M., P.G.M.O.,
Simon Doughty (Operations Director) Sue Lester (Conf. Mang.),
V.W. Bro. Michael Clarke Asst. P.G.M. P.G.J.O and V.W. Bro. Stuart Cowburn P.G.J.O.  
The Park Hotel is now host to 3 Craft lodges, 1 Royal Arch Chapter and 1 Red Cross Conclave. Readers you will note that there are no Mark Lodges presently meeting there. So please remind all you craft friends, who are not Mark Masons. Of the generosity of the Mark Province and that we are thinking about their health
W. Bro. Mike Beesley P.G.Stwd., Mrs Alison Beesley, David Martin (Hotel Mang.),
R.W. Bro. Peter Connolly Past Prov. P.G.M., P.G.M.O.,
W.Bro. Neil Brown Pr.A.G.D.C., Simon Doughty (Operations Director),
Sue Lester (Conf. Mang.) W. Bro. Trevor Partington  P.Pr.G.J.W.
and W.Bro. Derek Midgley P.Pr.D.G.Swd. B. (Craft Local Care Officer)
Article and Photographs Courtesy of Tony Shaw.