Leonard Heeley Enthronement
14th March 2015
At a recent meeting of the Leonard Heeley Conclave I was pleased to witness an excellent Enthronement Ceremony, although it was not actually the Enthronement meeting.
Due to his wife being ill,  E Kt Carlo Parlato, the Sovereign Elect, was not able to be Enthroned in the Chair of Constantine. Which gave me as the Representative of the Rt Ill Intendant General a real treat.
Having travel over from the Isle of Man, as some of the members do on a regular basis, to visit their Conclave, yes their Conclave. The Worthy Knights from the Island along with the other Worthy Knights put on a wonderful show of Red Cross Ritual, which was a credit to the Conclave.
Right: Edwin Schofield, Carlo and Graham
As the M P S, P Kt Graham Platt had had to stay back in the Isle of Man for Business reasons so the Sovereigns Chair was taken by P Kt Graham Harland, Div Steward. Graham took the chair from the beginning of the meeting and had the pleasure of Enthroning his friend and travelling companion from the Isle of Man, P Kt Carlo Parlato, into the seat of Constantine. This was done with great feeling and, although at short notice, with some style, it really caught the mood. He was well supported by the Marshal's and the other Officers of the Conclave.
Carlo Graham and Ill Kt Cyril Brindle the Marshall
After the meeting we were treated to a splendid lunch and the camaraderie and friendship around the tables was as always at Leonard Heeley, warm and welcoming, and just for those who know about these things when the toast to H M The Queen was given I am sure I heard the retort come back quietly as "The Lord of Man", from some quarters.
Someone once said "A day spent amongst friends is a day well spent", I concur.
Article and Photographs Courtesy of Edwin Schofield Divisional Senior General