Visit to Grand Imperial Conclave
30th June 2015

June 30th, on the 8.21 out of Chorley Station on a nice bright sunny morning for a trip to Great Queen Street for the meeting of Grand Imperial Conclave, wondering who might be on the train and who might one meet whilst in London.

Wayne Pearson and Peter Whalen
Well there was no one I knew on the Train but there was a Worthy Knight from Cheshire on there. However as we pulled into Euston, at 11.40, I got a call from one of the Members of The St Georges Conclave No 42, W Kt Iain Wilson, who had travelled from Wigan, so we met up outside W H Smiths and went to catch the bus down to the meeting, when who should walk around the Corner but Rt Ill Kt Mike Walker, our Intendant General, so the Division of West Lancashire is being represented then.
Iain Wilson, Edwin Schofield and Graham Williams
After a "flyer" at the George across from Freemasons Hall we went to the meeting. Whilst sat there during the routine business of the meeting looking around and thinking and wondering who else is here representing our Division, I could see a goodly number of our Worthy Knights. Ill Kt Graham Williams the Divisional Marshal, Ill Kt Eddy Casey and behind them was the Divisional Recorder, Ill Kt Neil Cooper. The Intendant General had a reserved seat amongst his colleges in Office, but then to my left was sat our own Deputy Intendant General V Ill Kt Fred Hargreaves.
Neil Brown and Ray Haworth
The routine business out of the way the Grand Sovereign, M Ill Kt Graham Flight, asked the Grand Recorder to read the names of those whom he was to promote or appoint in Grand Rank. Then more of our West Lancashire Knights came into view. Being appointed to Grand Rank Ill Kt Peter Whelan, Peter Schofield, Robert Dickinson and Robbie Cliff and being promoted Ill Kt Neil Brown, with the others either being on holiday or giving apologies through illness.
Fred Hargreaves, Graham Williams Neil Brown Wayne Pearson and Ray Haworth
The Grand Sovereign gave his usual address congratulating all who had received first appointment or promotion in Grand Rank. He also made mention of the Sequi Centenary Celebrations, the Service at Lincoln Cathedral, and the striking of the Breast Jewel to mark the occasion.
Neil Cooper, Neil Brown, Mike Walker and Edwin Schofield
"There followed a dinner", so into the Connaught Rooms were we met Ill Kt Ray Howarth, Mike Beesley, Gary Horseman, Wayne Pearson and not to forget Rt Ill Kt Tom Jackson. After drinks in the bar we sat down to an excellent dinner which was enjoyed by all present.
Mike Walker, Iain Wilson, Graham Williams, Peter Whalen, Wayne Pearson and Ray Haworth
The dinner being over it was to various hostelries on the way back to Euston, for some more convivial chat and refreshment before boarding the train, well it was the hottest day of the year. Some were on the 7.30 some on the 8.30 but which ever they must all have reflected on a wonderful day out.
W Kt Iain Wilson who travelled home with me, having never been to G I C before, said that he had enjoyed the meeting and the friendly atmosphere at dinner and certainly had enjoyed the "fun" afterwards.
Fred Hargreaves, Neil Cooper and Neil Brown.
Now then Fred, You can't say you were behind a pillar this year!

So on returning home slightly later than expected because of a slight delay leaving Euston I sat with "a brew" and reflected on day well spent. You should try it some time, come and join in the "fun", then with your support the Division might be able to have three tables at the dinner afterwards.

First Appointments were:
R H Cliffe, Lancastrian Conclave 164, P G Vice Chamberlain
R Dickinson, Croston Conclave 362, P G W of Regalia
P Schofield, Dr W R Waters 269, P G W of Regalia
P Whalen, Hesketh Conclave 309,  P G Herald,
Promotions were:
A Ferguson, Swinton 355,  to P G Std Bearer (C)
W T Kermode, Red Rose 188, to P G Std Bearer (C)
G N Brown, Croston 362 to P G Chamberlain
G J Kay, Agnus Deii 220, to P G Chamberlain
Article Courtesy of Edwin Schofield, Photographs by Mike Beesley