St.Helena Conclave No. 378 celebrate their 25th Anniversary 14th May 2010

P.Kt. Raymond Pye and the members of St.Helena Conclave were very pleased to receive the Intendant General at their 25th Anniversary meeting. They were accompanied by other Divisional Officers and several members of the Sepulchre Gurad. The evening included an excellent ceremony, when a member of Prescot Conclave 291 was taken through his KHS, employing officers from both St.Helena and Prescot Conclaves.
Also present were three of St.Helena's Founders, together with their very first candidate for Installation, Ron Pardoe.
Below: V.Ill.Kt. Cliff Pownall, R.Ill.Kt. Peter Lockett, Intendant General, Ill.Kt. Ron Pardoe
(with the first 378 circular) , V.Ill.Kt. Ralph Dumbell and V.Ill.Kt. Ken Tickle.