Last Team Visit for Peter Lockett
Lancastrian Conclave No.164
On Saturday 4th May 2013, the Divisional Team for West Lancashire turned out in force to visit Lancastrian Conclave, meeting at Widnes. The occasion was special in as much as the Intendant General, R.Ill.Kt. Peter Lockett, was on his last team visit prior to his retirement in order that he could become the Craft Group Chairman at Chorley.
V.Ill.Kt Geoff Porter, R.Ill. Kt. Peter Lockett, V.Ill.Kt. Fred Hargreaves Ill.Kt. Colin Rowland
The Intendant General
M.P.S. Robbie Cliff
The Top Table
                                 The Team 2012-13
     The Sepulchre Guard with Peter
MPS prepares his response
Colin presents Peter with the 'Amber Liquid'