Intendant General's Address
to the
West Lancashire Divisional Meeting of Red Cross
September 2010
Distinguished guests and Knights of the Division of West Lancashire, 
Again a warm welcome to you all and thank you for attending and supporting us in such numbers.
I take this opportunity to publicly thank the Senior Officers of the Division for their hard work, support  and dedication. I thank my Deputy, V.Ill. Kt. Geoffrey Porter for his friendship, input and support, III. Kt. Graham Williams for his hard work organising the Team Visits and of course directing operations so well today. I also thank both Deputy Divisional Marshals, III. Kts. Terry Maybury and Alan Slater for their excellent work throughout the year.
I have already welcomed our Distinguished Guests who have travelled from far and wide to be with us and we thank you all for finding time in your busy schedules to join us today. The Executive enjoy attending your Divisions, where without exception we are always made so very welcome. We delight in repaying the hospitality today.
It is a great delight to all of us to welcome one of our own past Intendants-General, R.Ill. Kt. George Brian Fairhurst, G.C.C.  R.Ill. Kt. Kenneth Wilson Shaw, K.C.C., my immediate predecessor, should have been here today but is now away.  I also welcome V.Ill. Kt Alan Bibby, our immediate past Deputy Intendant-General.
We have also been honoured by the presence of local Heads of Orders. Unfortunately today, some are still away on holiday and others are on other Masonic business. It is so pleasing to see that they enjoy their Red Cross Masonry and are here today to support us.
I will be continuing to make every effort to support them in their work. It is vital that you work with great diligence and energy in your Craft and Royal Arch Masonry, because without firm foundations, all the other orders we so love will inevitably decline.
We will be joined at lunch by other Heads of Orders from the Province who are not actually members of the Red Cross, in particular David Gallear, Provincial Prior, Order of the Temple, for Lancashire.  We will also welcome Ian Clarke, Provincial Grand Master for the Royal Order of Scotland, who by the end of the month will belong to this Order!!
Sadly I had to report earlier the loss of seven very distinguished Knights Companion during the year and we joined together to honour and remember them.
You have already heard the statistical information given in the Divisional Recorder's Report and contained in your summons today.
I would like to thank all the other Officers of the Division for their work this past year, the Divisional Treasurer, Ill Kt. Walter Ashton and the Secretariat; Assist. Divisional Recorder, P.Kt. Colin Rowling and the Asst. to the Recorders, P. Kt. Stan Povall. They are strongly led by Ill. Kt. Fred Hargreaves, Divisional Recorder.
I also pay tribute to the work of the Divisional Almoner, Ill. Kt. Reg Pymer for his special work on our behalf. Unfortunately he has been quite busy recently.
I must mention the outstanding work undertaken by the Sepulchre Guard this year, organised by Ill. Kt. Norman Williams and P. Kt. Neil Cooper.
On my own behalf and on behalf of the past Intendant-General, I pay tribute to the work, skill and leadership of V.Ill. Kt. Ralph Dumbell, who stands down today as Captain of the Sepulchre Guard after several years of dedicated and distinguished service.
This year G.I.C. met again at Birmingham on 6th July. Yet again, the Meeting of Grand Imperial Conclave was well supported and proved to be very successful. Two important changes announced at the meeting were;  The Millennium Fund is now to be re-named The Grand Sovereign's Care for Children's Fund and as you will see later in the closing today, we are to include an extra section of the ritual in our closing ceremony.
Unfortunately, not all recipients of Grand appointments and promotions were able to attend. I must remind all knights that it is expected that they make every reasonable effort to attend G.I.C. when they are to receive Grand Honours.
The Most Illustrious Grand Sovereign promoted and appointed the following West Lancashire Knights.
Ill. Kt. Alan Slater to Past Grand High Chancellor
Ill. Kt. Walter Ashton to Past Grand Chamberlain
Ill. Kt. Michael Baker to Past Grand Chamberlain
Ill. Kt. David Powell to Past Grand Chamberlain
Ill. Kt. William Garstang to Past Grand Std.B.(L)
1st Appointments:
P. Kt. Michael Walker to Past Grand Prefect
P. Kt. John Hurst to Past Grand Warden of Regalia
P. Kt. Edwin Foster to Past Grand Vice Chamberlain
P. Kt. Roger Stanforth to Past Grand Herald
I congratulate all those Knights, and remind them that the promotions and appointments acknowledge the work they have done and are an encouragement of the further work they will do on behalf of their Conclaves and the Division as a whole.
I have just had the pleasure of appointing and investing the Divisional Officers and I congratulate you all; just like the recipients of Grand Rank, your new ranks carry extra responsibilities and it is up to you to meet those new demands. I feel sure by now, you appreciate what is expected.
We held the third Annual Divisional Officers' Dinner on Friday 21st May at Chorley.  In 2001, we visit Southport.
The Ladies' Festival held last November was again a great success and we thank Ill. Kt. Ian Scott and all other knights who assisted him in making the evening such a success.
We look forward to welcoming you all to Bryn once again for this year's Ladies' Festival to be held on Saturday 27th November. Forms have already been circulated.
In June, the Annual Church Service of Re-dedication took place at Croston and all present appreciated the work of the Rev, Graham Halsall, Provincial Grand Chaplain, West Lancashire, who so ably deputised for the Rev. Canon John Sharples, who hasn't been enjoying the best of health recently.
The Divisional Teem made four visits this year. We were warmly received by the members of Lancastrian Conclave, Prescot Conclave, Rose Hill Conclave, and Croston Conclave. In addition we made a mini visit to St. Helena Conclave to join with them in their 25th Anniversary Celebrations.
The Divisional Recorder has already mentioned the four Conclaves which will be visited during this new season.
The dates are again shown in the Divisional Calendar; other knights who are not acting officers are welcome to attend.
I have been pleased to see Conclaves holding Companions’ Evenings. We have made every effort to support you on these occasions and have been pleased with the results. A 50% success rate is very encouraging at these events.
I must refer to the Divisional website which is proving popular and informative. I thank Colin Rowling for maintaining the 'site', building on the initial work by John Bicknell.  There are many interesting items on it, many of which can be downloaded.
I would like to thank the Chairman of the Hall Committee for the help and assistance given preparing for today. I also wish to thank all the Knights from Agnus Dei Conclave, the host conclave, for their work in making the day such a huge success. They have been assisted by members of Croston Conclave. We must also thank the members of Hesketh Conclave for the loan of their equipment to furnish Divisional Conclave.
Please don't forget the National Church Service to be held at York Minster on Saturday 16th October. You have been sent all information by the Divisional Recorder.  All the Senior Officers will be attending and I believe several other members too. Even if you do not wish to stay to dine at the York Race Course, we shall be pleased to see you and your wives/partners and families at the service.
I thought it appropriate to clarify here that I would be delighted to see collarettes worn at dinner today. You have earned to right to wear them; I of course include Grand Officers and members of the Divisional Sepulchre Guard.
During difficult times when membership may be lower than we would like, multiple memberships do help with sustaining the allocation of Grand Honours for the Division
Finally, may I wish each and every one of you a safe journey home and an enjoyable and rewarding year ahead.
You are the 'pattern for imitation' and our success, 'will be generally promoted in proportion to the zeal and ability with which you promulgate the principles' of this wonderful Christian Order.
May God be with you, supporting and strengthening you on your journey.
Peter Lockett - September 2010.