A Grand Day Out
1st July 2014
Tuesday the 1st July saw a goodly number of West Lancashire Red Cross Knights heading off for Great Queen Street, London. This was to be the first meeting of Grand Conclave following its relocation from the Clarendon Suite at Edgbaston.
The Altar
Geoff Porter, Ray Haworth and myself
The Grand Temple was almost full at its lower level with a full program on events on the agenda.
Ray Haworth, Brian Ball and Geoffrey Porter
First we had the processions of the delegations from other Grand Conclaves and the Intendants General from our Constitution. Finally the Grand Sovereign, M. Ill. Kt. Richard Victor Wallis, GCC, entered accompanied by the Acting Officers of the year.
Mike Walker, Intendant General
The early business of the day was quickly discharged, following which the Grand Sovereign addressed the assembly, telling all present that as he was standing down he wished to thank all those members of the Order who had assisted him during his tenure of office. His speech, which may be published on other websites, was received with a standing ovation.
Raymond Pye
Peter Whalen
The next task, was to invest, R. Ill. Kt. Graham Leslie Flight, G.C.C. as Grand Sovereign, following which M. Ill Kt, Wallis, retired from the Grand Temple to acclaim.
Our new Grand Sovereign then pressed on with appointing and investing the Deputy Grand Sovereign, R. Ill. & Em. Kt. Peter Hawken, M.B.E., G.C.C., and R. Ill, and Ven. Kt. The Revd. Charles Peter Bernard Blackwell-Smyth, G.C.C., as Grand Eusebius.
Ray Haworth and Brian Ball
Edwin Schofield, Mike Walker
and Graham Williams
The Grand Sovereign then appointed or promoted in excess of 200 Knights.
Those from West Lancashire Division included:
Geoffrey Malcolm Porter, our Deputy I. G. to Past Grand High Chancellor
Ian Harold Scott, to Past Grand Chamberlain
David Harvey Connor, to Past Grand Standard Bearer (C)
John Anthony Edden, to Past Grand Standard Bearer (C)

Michael Beesley to Past Grand Prefect,
Geoffrey Raymond Gill to Past Grand Warden of Regalia,
Raymond Pye to Past Grand Warden of Regalia,
Raymond Haworth to Past Grand Vice-Chamberlain.

The photographs show, some of the West Lancashire Divisional members in the Temple, and at the social board.
Mike Beesley