Busy week-end for Leonard Heeley Conclave No. 241
Leonard Heeley Conclave held their Enthronement meeting, which turned out to be a very important morning meeting at Pemberton on Saturday 12th November 2011 for several reasons. In attendance were the Intendant-General, R.lll. Kt. Peter Lockett, the Deputy Intendant-General, V.III.Kt. Geoff Porter, and the past Intendant-General, R.lll. Kt. Ken Shaw, KCC. The M.P.S. commented on the sad loss of V.III.Kt. The Rev. Canon John Charles Sharpies, who died in July. The knights present stood to order in respect of departed merit.
Apart from the consecration of E. Kt. David Campbell as Viceroy, and the Enthronement of E. Kt. Graham Harland as Sovereign, it was the 50th anniversary of one of the remaining founders, V. III. Kt. Robert kay, (1961-2011). The Recorder, III.Kt. Stephen Hulse read a brief summary of the career of V.III.Kt. Kay. He unfortunately could not attend due to very poor health. The Intendant-General added to the report by the Recorder, by informing those present of the content of the Certificate sent by GIC and he described the splendid jewel on a white ribbon with the '50' highlighted in the centre of the jewel. The members were then able to see the jewel as it was circulated around the Conclave. The Intendant-general will shortly arrange to visit V. III. Kt. Robert kay at his home to make the presentation personally. He will be accompanied by a small delegation from the Conclave.
After enjoying a wonderful lunch of Lamb, which arrived fresh from the Isle of Man, (provided by E. Kt. Graham Harland), washed down by an excellent selection of wines from Italy, provided by W. Kt. Carlo Parlato the members left for home early in the afternoon, allowing themselves just s short comfort break before returning for their 2nd Annual Social Event.
A Mediterranean Evening
Bottles of red and white wine ensured a warm welcome as we took our seats for the evening.
Antipasti-platters of stuffed vegetables, cheeses, full-flavoured meats, olives and much more were served, accompanied by a variety of breads.
A main course of chicken paella or lamb followed, and a cheese course concluded.
Many thanks and congratulations to the chefs! The Mediterranean flavours, colours and character were certainly achieved and appreciated by all!
Music for dancing was also provided by a group called On the Road Again, and the friendly atmosphere in the Pemberton Masonic Hall indicated the success of this event!
Thanks to all the members, and especially Graham Harland, MPS, and the chefs, W.Kt. Carlo Parlato and P.kt. Gordon Turner.
Looking forward to the next year's.
Pam Lockett